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Day Fourteen

Well, I can finally breathe now.  If I thought Monday was bad, today was the worst.  I had thought I was to arrive at the hospital tomorrow morning for my surgery later that day.  Well, boy did I get that wrong.

I got a phone call from the surgeon this afternoon.  Apparently, my blood tests on monday showed that I was a bit dehydrated & he wanted me to book into the hospital this afternoon, rather than tomorrow as planned so I could have intravenous fluids before the surgery.

Now if I owned a car, this wouldn’t have been much of an issue.  But I don’t own a car.  I needed to get Hamish to his boarding this afternoon (that had been planned that way in advance).  That’s two buses to get there, and two buses to get back! Plus, I had planned to bring in my washing & fold it, clean the litter boxes, put out the rubbish bins for pickup tomorrow and finish packing my bag for the morning.

Well, i got the cat to the boarding & came home.  Unfortunately, in the heat & with the added stress of the changed plans, My stomach decided it was going to have one last day of ‘not happy, Jan’.  This put me behind getting things done in the hour and a half I had before I needed to leave for the hospital. At one stage I was a little light headed because of the rushing & stress.

The washing is in, but not folded or put away.  The litter boxes aren’t washed out.  No solid waste in them though.  The bins are out. I changed my mind about which bag to use to bring my things to hospital about half an hour before leaving.  One consequence of that….. I realise that I must have left my blood pressure medication in the other bag when I changed over!

They were supposed to weigh me, but they haven’t done so yet.  Maybe they will do it in the morning.  I weighed myself this morning (before the stress kicked in) & I had lost that weight I gained yesterday, and a little more.  At home I weighed 135.2kg, for a total loss of 10.5kg & a BMI of 50.9.

Well, I am now settled into my hospital room.  I have a TV so that will help keep me entertained. My left hand is stinging a little, so I may stop now. Not sure about being able to recharge devices, but I have brought the chargers to do it.

Well, I guess my next report will be from the Loser’s Bench.  Talk to you then.

Day Thirteen

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime in this process.  My weight went up today.  Not by a lot. Just 300gm to 153.7kg for a total loss of 10kg.  Not sure why this has happened.  It’s not like I am actually eating anything. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Just one more day of this part of the process to go.

I started to look at hotels for my stay in Salt Lake next year.  I think I may have found one.  It’s a little bit further away from Temple Square than I would have liked.  A little over a mile.  But it has a guest laundromat, sio I will be able to wash my clothes before I fly home.  That will mean less to do when I arrive home & less dirty clothes for Customs to search through (should they decide to have a look).

By the time I get to Salt Lake walking over a mile, even in heels, should be doable for me.  Once the surgery is done & I get the clearance from my surgeon, I will be able to not only lose weight, but improve my health & fitness levels.

The closer the surgery comes, the emotions are all confused.  Excited, nervous, a little frightened.  Only one more day on the pre op diet to go.  Hamish goes on his holiday tomorrow.  I have had to put his dry food inside a container because no matter how heavy an object I would put in top of the closed & folded bag, he would somehow get the bag on the floor.  I didn’t find dry food all over the floor, so I’m not certain he actually get into the food.  He’s on a very strict diet & I can’t afford for him to over eat.  His stomach doesn’t cope with too much food at one time.  He will never be a ‘grazer’.  Instead, he will always be fed specific amounts throughout the day.  It’s a little bit of a pain, & he always wants to be fed, but he is growing.  He’s sitting on the recliner with me. Sitting on the arm against me.  Will miss him while he’s on his holiday.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Sending Hamish away, packing for hospital, last minute shopping & cleaning.  I will know tomorrow afternoon what time I need to arrive at the hospital & surgery will be about an hour & half later,  It’s getting closer.

More to report tomorrow.

Day Twelve

Boy, today has been a day & a half.  I had to be at the hospital at 9am for the pre admission clinic.  So, I got up early (that wasn’t hard, because I didn’t sleep well last night) & left the house about 7:45am to walk to the bus stop.  The first bus was on time.  However the traffic was insane.  Despite it only being a 10-12 minute bus trip to where I needed to change buses, it took more than 20 minutes.  Because there was now going to be almost no time to change levels in order to catch the second bus, I got off one stop early & walked to what would be the next stop for the second bus.  Ii just made the connection by doing that.  Even that bus was effected by traffic.  So instead of arriving at around 8:40am, it was after 8:50am.  Now the walk to the Private hospital, is quite a long walk.  You have to walk a block through the Public hospital, then go down two floors, then walk along about half the width of the complex & up 5 levels to the Private hospital.

Well, the clinic was ‘fun’.  More specifically, there was some sort of issue with the automatic blood pressure machines whenthey tried to take my blood pressure.  It took 3 different machines, and 4 attempts before it finally worked.  Problem was that the first 3 attempts almost squeezed my arms off (they tried on both arms, two each eventually) as the first three attempts had the machine squeezing until the machine read 225!  Now, I’m not saying these machines are ever comfortable when they take your blood pressure, but this was extreme! The nurse was as purplexed as I was as to why it wouldn’t work.  I had to weigh in at the clnic.  So, this morning’s weigh in was the same way as at the Surgeon on Day Three, that means fully clothed & wearing joggers.  So, the result was 138.1kg.  So I have met the surgeon’s target of 5-7kg weight loss before the surgery, and I still had 2 and a half days to go.  I then had to go up to level 7 & walk around the corridors to get the blood tests redone.

After I finished with the blood tests, I schleped all the way back tomthe bus stop & went to Bondi Junction.  My hair has been very long, for quite some time. Almost down to my waist, and extremely thick.  When my hair is that long, I wear it in a plait (braid), almost all the time.  Especially at night.  At times, when it is out of teh plait, it can get in the way when I have a handbag in the arm.  I knew that it would be annoying for my time at hospital.  I know I will have a drip in my arm for at least part if the time, so doing my hair would be a problem.  SomI decided to get my hair cut.  The plan was to cut it to about my armpit level.  Still quite long by most people’s standard, but quite a bit shorter for me.  When I had my hair cut in a similar way, for a similar reason when I broke my left wrist in 2001, I cried.  The hairdresser asked why I was crying & I said, ‘It’s short!’.  The hairdresser said, ‘No, it’s still long!’  Well, not this time! The hairdresser cut my hair significantly shorter than I had asked them to do.  Now my hair is only just past my shoulders! Not sure I like this’. It is VERY short for me. With the amount of hair I have, I’m not sure this is good.

I then went to have my acrylic nails removed. I had checked at the hospital, because I had heared conflicting information as to whether I needed to have them removed or not for the surgery.  Apparently I needed to have at least one removed.  My nails needed to be infilled, so I decided it would make more sense to remive them all & start fesh once I recover from the surgery.  By the time I had finished with that, I was getting quite exhausted.  I really should have gone to Spotlight to lok for nicer buttins for the baby gift I am making for a friend.  I bought some buttons on the way to the dentist last week, but I wanted to see if I could get cuter, nicer ones at Spotlght.  I didn’t have the energy.  Instead, I walked back to the bus interchange & just managed to catch the first of two buses without needing to wait.  Then I got the second bus, & finally got home about 1:45pm.  A good 6 hours after I left.  I ahd my lunch & then went to have a nap.  Wasn’t very restful.  A combination of the heat, the storm the arrived during the afternoon & my mind & body wouldn’t settle.

As the date for the surgery gets closer, the more I feel a combination of excitement & nerves.  I will know what time I have to arrive at the hospital, & when to stop eating the night before when the hospital phones me sometime between 4-7pm on Wednesday.  So it is definitely getting real now.  Only a few more days to go until everything changes forever.

i weighed in at home today, wearing what I have always worn when I weigh in.  My jammies.  This means there is a difference between what my scales say & what the surgeon or clinic says due to what I am wearing there.  So, I had a good loss today.  I lost 1.1kg today & my weight at home today is now 135.3kg, for a total loss of 10.4kg.  Still a couple more days to go in the pre op process.  I will be weighed again at the hospital before my surgery.

Report more tomorrow.

Day Eleven

I had a bit of a scare last night.  About midnight, or a bit after, I started to get really strong pain in my stomach & started to feel cold & clammy.  I thought I was going to be sick.  I spent some time in the bathroom at the sink, running cold water over my wrists & splashing water onto my face.  Thankfully, it subsided without my actually being sick. I hate it when that happens.  Not the not throwing up, but the feeling that I am about to do so.

I have been very tired the last two days.  Maybe that’s why I have been tired. Hopefully things will get better from here.  On the final stretch now.  Three more days of the liquid diet to go.  I have my pre admission clinic at the hospital in the morning.  Thankfully, the cough appears to have finally gone.  Touch wood.  I haven’t coughed at all today.  The weight loss was another small one today.  Just 200gms.  But I am edging ever closer towards 10kg since I started. I know weigh 136.4kg, for a total loss of 9.3kg.  Will see what happens tomorrow.  I presume that I may be weighed tomorrow.  Will be interesting toxomapre thatwithhow much the surgeon’s scales said ten days earlier.  He wanted me to lose between 5-7kg.  On my scales, I have done that & even more.

As the surgery gets closer, I can start thinking about what will be happening on the other side.  Thinking about being able to exercise.  Walking distances.  Not sure when I will be given permission to start exercising.  It might be a couple of weeks, or maybe longer.  Not sure yet.  Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

I realised today, that when I started this, I should have taken my measurements, so I could track how things were going even if the scales don’t move.  I’ll do it tomorrow.

Again, not a lot of insights today.  But at the start if this, I committed to report (even if no one else reads thsi) every day.  So far, I have kept that committment.  Report again tomorrow.

Day Ten

Well, today is a small loss day.  Only 300gm.  I now weigh 136.6kg, total loss 9.1kg.  Guess this is a bit of a pattern.  Some days little losses, some days big ones.  With an average daily loss on slightly over 900gms, I’m not complaining .

starting to think about what to take/wear while in hospital.  Starting to get things together. I bought the new enhanced editions of the Harry Potter series for my iPad & put the first one onto it.  Gives me something to read.  Probably over estimating my desire to do anything after the surgery, but just in case….

I don’t have a lot to say today.  Just feeling a little tired.  So I guess I don’t have any insights really this time. But I committed to report every day, and so that is exactly what I am doing.  Even if there isn’t much to say.

Report more tomorrow.

Day Nine

Well, this was a much better weight loss today.  Now weigh 136.9kg, for a total loss of 8.8kg.  At this rate, I am smashing the surgeon’s request to lose 5-7kg before the surgery next week.  Mind you, as I lose weight, Hamish is getting bigger.  I put a bowl on the kitchen scales & put him in the bowl.  He’s around 2.5kg now.  He turns 20 weeks next week! He is definitely going to be a big boy.  Especially compared to Breagha.  She was never any bigger than 3.5kg her whole life.  I always knew she was on the smaller size for a Ragdoll, but he’s going to be at least double her size, I think.  If not even bigger.

Really starting to look forward to eating food, rather than just drinking it.  Have had a couple of occasions where I could have mrdered for a hamburger or even a slice of pizza.  Pork crackling.  Mmmmmmmm.  But totally off the menu at this stage, and possibly forever.  Just have to push theough this point.  Less than a week to go & I don’t want to sabotage it now. Monday will be a busy day.  Early appointment with the pre admission clinic for my blood tests.  Then off to Bondi to get a hair cut (not a short haircut, but a significant amount off) so I can deal with it a bit better during hospital.  Plus, I will go to Spotlight to look for nicer buttons for the baby gift, if I can find them.  As well as getting my nails done.  Either infill or total removal.  It will depend on what the hospital says.  Some patients with this surgery have been told they have to remove their nails so that they are better able to monitor their vitals.  Others haven’t been given this instruction at all & everything was fine.  So, we’ll see what I need to do on Monday.

Report more tomorrow.  Not that much longer now.

Day Eight

I will be here in a week.

I will be here in a week.

Well, the weight loss is better today.  138.4kg, total lost 7.3kg.  I was a little concerned when I lost so little yesterday, only 200gms.  But things seem to be back on track today.

I got my letter from the surgeon outlining my medical history, current weight, BMI, etc.  In it he talks about what procedure he plans to do.  He also talks about the goal weight he is setting for me.  He has set a goal of 100kg.  Well, that’s not enough for me.  I want to lose more & be under 100kg. A weight of 100kg would still make me Morbidly Obese, instead of the current Super Morbidly Obese.  I would like to get into the overweight range, if not the normal weight range.  I guess a target of 100kg is a start.

We are now a week in to the process, preparing for the surgery.  Not sure of the exact time for the surgery, but a week from now, I will be on the other side & on what some call, ‘The Loser’s Bench’.   It’s all getting very real.

Reports more tomorrow,

Day Seven

Well, the weather is much cooler today.  The heat was insane yesterday.  Even though I was wearing a hat, by the time I walked dowm Market St, my face was a delightful shade of red & stayed that way for a couple of hours.  It was so hot, I had to powder my hands while I was knitting & even then, my hands were still feeling sweaty.  I had to stop knitting at onestage because I couldn’t concentrate it was just too hot.

I have a nice temporary filling now. After I recover from the surgery & can travel into the city (with the horrible transport we now have), I will schedule some appointments to get things dealt with.

I weighed myself this morning & I only lost another 200gm today.  139.1kg, total 6.6kg.  I’m not going to be depressed about it.  It might be all the water I drank yesterday because of the heat.  So not panicing.

I saw the cardiologist today.  He said there are no signs of heart disease & he’s given me a clearance for the surgery next week.  He also said that the blood pressure medication I take (currently) could be triggering my cough.   Apparently it is a side effect.  Didn’t know that.  Most of the cough has now gone.  Just the occasional tickle & cough.  Nowhere near as bad as the last two weeks.  I have wanted to eat something today.  But I am hanging in there.  Only another week to go.  I can do this.  Or at least I keep telling myself that.

Hamish is being quite clingy today.  He’s currently asleep, resting between me & the arm of the recliner.   Finally finished the back of the dress today & started casting on the stitches for the front.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer.  The cooler weather makes knitting much easier too.

Report more tomorrow.

Day Six

So.  How much does a tooth face weigh? Why? I hear you ask.  Well, this morning I was having a eucalyptus & honey lozenge, because my throat is still a little tickley, and the face of a tooth just came off! The irony is that other than these lozenges, I haven’t really had anything solid (steamed veggies don’t really count) for almost a week! I’ve managed to get an appointment at the HCF Dental Clinic for this afternoon.  They will be able to at least do a repair job.   9 days until surgery.

i weighed myself this morning.  The result: 139.3kg.  Total loss so far is 6.4kg.  I have the appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow afternoon for the final clearance.  When I have my pre admission clinic at the hospital on Monday to have my blood tests re-done & information on what time to arrive on the 15th etc.  it’s coming quickly.  I alsoneed to aks them about my acrylic nails.  I belong to a support group on Facebook for peoplewhohave had, or are contemplating bariatric surgery.  Some people had been toldthey had to remove their acrylic nails, and some were told nothing & kept them on for the surgery.  So I will ask on Monday.  That way I can either get themtaken off, or infilled after the clinic appointment, seeing as the appointment is at 9am.

Had a big knitting spurt last night.  Got quite a lot done.  But now I am worried I won’t have enough to complete the last piece.  So, I will go into the city early this afternoon & go to Lindcraft before I go to the dentist.  The Lindcraft store is almost next door, so it won’t be a problem.  The only real problem will be getting back home, now that my buses no longer go any further north than Central Station.  Oh well, the travel in, the waiting for the dentist & the travel back will give me more time to knit.  I’ll pick up the ribbon & buttons I will need at Lindcraft while I’m there too.  This gift is getting there.

According to the support group, I can expect to gain weight when I leave hospital.  That will be due to the gas they use to inflate the stomach, and the IV fluids they pump into you.  They say that after a while, not only will that gained weight disappear, but the weight I will have lost since the surgery will also become apparent (the gas & fluid hide it for a while).  So the first week or so after the surgery, I may not post my weight.  It won’t be because the surgery has not been a success.  It will just be because the scales won’t be telling the true story.

Well, better get showered & dressed, ready to go out.  More tomorrow.

Day Five

Why is it so hot in the season.  We still have 6 weeks until Summer, and it is already 34.9C here today.  In fact, it was 18C at 3 am this morning.  Thsi will explain why I had such problems sleeping last night.

Last night was not a great night for me.  For the first time since I started the Optifast, I really wanted to eat something, other than just steamed veggies, last night.  I looked at my fridge.  There isn’t much in there at the moment.  I emptied most of it out on Wednesday.  Just as well.  I think I would have made a peanut butter & honey sandwich if I had had the bread in the fridge! I left some cheese in the fridge for some time after the surgery.  I really thought about just grabbing a slice to eat, but I thought…. better not.  The whole point of the Optifast & veggies for two weeks is to kick start the weight loss, amd to also shrink the liver.  When they do the surgery, having the liver smaller, makes it easy to move it out of the way to access the stomach.

I really don’t want to sabotage this whole thing.  I know that eating a single slice of cheese won’t be a total disaster & won’t completely derail the process, but I have committed to having this surgery because I can’t lose the weight by myself.  I need to prove to myself that I can do it.  I need to prove to myself that I will do this long term.  If I can’t do this for just two weeks, how will I do it for the rest of my life? I know I won’t be perfect all the time (like possibly on the trip next year), but I need to be perfect for at least these two weeks.

I weighed in this morning.  I weigh 140.9kg.  So, since I started the Optifast I have lost a total of 4.8kg.  I started with a BMI of 54.8.  That is known as Super Morbidly Obese.  There I said it out loud, and in print.  When people who know me, see me, probably don’t realise just how heavy I am.  Well, here it is.  I am heavier than most people think.  In 5 days I have managed to bring my BMI down to 53.  It’s a start.   Not the end of the journey, just the start.

Hamish is not happy with the heat.  He hs bee laying in the hallways, trying to catch any breeze that he can find.  He has even tried attacking something under the security door.  There was nothing there, but he really wanted to get it.

More tomorrow.  If I don’t melt first.
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