Day Ten

Well, today is a small loss day.  Only 300gm.  I now weigh 136.6kg, total loss 9.1kg.  Guess this is a bit of a pattern.  Some days little losses, some days big ones.  With an average daily loss on slightly over 900gms, I’m not complaining .

starting to think about what to take/wear while in hospital.  Starting to get things together. I bought the new enhanced editions of the Harry Potter series for my iPad & put the first one onto it.  Gives me something to read.  Probably over estimating my desire to do anything after the surgery, but just in case….

I don’t have a lot to say today.  Just feeling a little tired.  So I guess I don’t have any insights really this time. But I committed to report every day, and so that is exactly what I am doing.  Even if there isn’t much to say.

Report more tomorrow.

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