Day Nine

Well, this was a much better weight loss today.  Now weigh 136.9kg, for a total loss of 8.8kg.  At this rate, I am smashing the surgeon’s request to lose 5-7kg before the surgery next week.  Mind you, as I lose weight, Hamish is getting bigger.  I put a bowl on the kitchen scales & put him in the bowl.  He’s around 2.5kg now.  He turns 20 weeks next week! He is definitely going to be a big boy.  Especially compared to Breagha.  She was never any bigger than 3.5kg her whole life.  I always knew she was on the smaller size for a Ragdoll, but he’s going to be at least double her size, I think.  If not even bigger.

Really starting to look forward to eating food, rather than just drinking it.  Have had a couple of occasions where I could have mrdered for a hamburger or even a slice of pizza.  Pork crackling.  Mmmmmmmm.  But totally off the menu at this stage, and possibly forever.  Just have to push theough this point.  Less than a week to go & I don’t want to sabotage it now. Monday will be a busy day.  Early appointment with the pre admission clinic for my blood tests.  Then off to Bondi to get a hair cut (not a short haircut, but a significant amount off) so I can deal with it a bit better during hospital.  Plus, I will go to Spotlight to look for nicer buttons for the baby gift, if I can find them.  As well as getting my nails done.  Either infill or total removal.  It will depend on what the hospital says.  Some patients with this surgery have been told they have to remove their nails so that they are better able to monitor their vitals.  Others haven’t been given this instruction at all & everything was fine.  So, we’ll see what I need to do on Monday.

Report more tomorrow.  Not that much longer now.

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