Day Fourteen

Well, I can finally breathe now.  If I thought Monday was bad, today was the worst.  I had thought I was to arrive at the hospital tomorrow morning for my surgery later that day.  Well, boy did I get that wrong.

I got a phone call from the surgeon this afternoon.  Apparently, my blood tests on monday showed that I was a bit dehydrated & he wanted me to book into the hospital this afternoon, rather than tomorrow as planned so I could have intravenous fluids before the surgery.

Now if I owned a car, this wouldn’t have been much of an issue.  But I don’t own a car.  I needed to get Hamish to his boarding this afternoon (that had been planned that way in advance).  That’s two buses to get there, and two buses to get back! Plus, I had planned to bring in my washing & fold it, clean the litter boxes, put out the rubbish bins for pickup tomorrow and finish packing my bag for the morning.

Well, i got the cat to the boarding & came home.  Unfortunately, in the heat & with the added stress of the changed plans, My stomach decided it was going to have one last day of ‘not happy, Jan’.  This put me behind getting things done in the hour and a half I had before I needed to leave for the hospital. At one stage I was a little light headed because of the rushing & stress.

The washing is in, but not folded or put away.  The litter boxes aren’t washed out.  No solid waste in them though.  The bins are out. I changed my mind about which bag to use to bring my things to hospital about half an hour before leaving.  One consequence of that….. I realise that I must have left my blood pressure medication in the other bag when I changed over!

They were supposed to weigh me, but they haven’t done so yet.  Maybe they will do it in the morning.  I weighed myself this morning (before the stress kicked in) & I had lost that weight I gained yesterday, and a little more.  At home I weighed 135.2kg, for a total loss of 10.5kg & a BMI of 50.9.

Well, I am now settled into my hospital room.  I have a TV so that will help keep me entertained. My left hand is stinging a little, so I may stop now. Not sure about being able to recharge devices, but I have brought the chargers to do it.

Well, I guess my next report will be from the Loser’s Bench.  Talk to you then.

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