Day Twelve

Boy, today has been a day & a half.  I had to be at the hospital at 9am for the pre admission clinic.  So, I got up early (that wasn’t hard, because I didn’t sleep well last night) & left the house about 7:45am to walk to the bus stop.  The first bus was on time.  However the traffic was insane.  Despite it only being a 10-12 minute bus trip to where I needed to change buses, it took more than 20 minutes.  Because there was now going to be almost no time to change levels in order to catch the second bus, I got off one stop early & walked to what would be the next stop for the second bus.  Ii just made the connection by doing that.  Even that bus was effected by traffic.  So instead of arriving at around 8:40am, it was after 8:50am.  Now the walk to the Private hospital, is quite a long walk.  You have to walk a block through the Public hospital, then go down two floors, then walk along about half the width of the complex & up 5 levels to the Private hospital.

Well, the clinic was ‘fun’.  More specifically, there was some sort of issue with the automatic blood pressure machines whenthey tried to take my blood pressure.  It took 3 different machines, and 4 attempts before it finally worked.  Problem was that the first 3 attempts almost squeezed my arms off (they tried on both arms, two each eventually) as the first three attempts had the machine squeezing until the machine read 225!  Now, I’m not saying these machines are ever comfortable when they take your blood pressure, but this was extreme! The nurse was as purplexed as I was as to why it wouldn’t work.  I had to weigh in at the clnic.  So, this morning’s weigh in was the same way as at the Surgeon on Day Three, that means fully clothed & wearing joggers.  So, the result was 138.1kg.  So I have met the surgeon’s target of 5-7kg weight loss before the surgery, and I still had 2 and a half days to go.  I then had to go up to level 7 & walk around the corridors to get the blood tests redone.

After I finished with the blood tests, I schleped all the way back tomthe bus stop & went to Bondi Junction.  My hair has been very long, for quite some time. Almost down to my waist, and extremely thick.  When my hair is that long, I wear it in a plait (braid), almost all the time.  Especially at night.  At times, when it is out of teh plait, it can get in the way when I have a handbag in the arm.  I knew that it would be annoying for my time at hospital.  I know I will have a drip in my arm for at least part if the time, so doing my hair would be a problem.  SomI decided to get my hair cut.  The plan was to cut it to about my armpit level.  Still quite long by most people’s standard, but quite a bit shorter for me.  When I had my hair cut in a similar way, for a similar reason when I broke my left wrist in 2001, I cried.  The hairdresser asked why I was crying & I said, ‘It’s short!’.  The hairdresser said, ‘No, it’s still long!’  Well, not this time! The hairdresser cut my hair significantly shorter than I had asked them to do.  Now my hair is only just past my shoulders! Not sure I like this’. It is VERY short for me. With the amount of hair I have, I’m not sure this is good.

I then went to have my acrylic nails removed. I had checked at the hospital, because I had heared conflicting information as to whether I needed to have them removed or not for the surgery.  Apparently I needed to have at least one removed.  My nails needed to be infilled, so I decided it would make more sense to remive them all & start fesh once I recover from the surgery.  By the time I had finished with that, I was getting quite exhausted.  I really should have gone to Spotlight to lok for nicer buttins for the baby gift I am making for a friend.  I bought some buttons on the way to the dentist last week, but I wanted to see if I could get cuter, nicer ones at Spotlght.  I didn’t have the energy.  Instead, I walked back to the bus interchange & just managed to catch the first of two buses without needing to wait.  Then I got the second bus, & finally got home about 1:45pm.  A good 6 hours after I left.  I ahd my lunch & then went to have a nap.  Wasn’t very restful.  A combination of the heat, the storm the arrived during the afternoon & my mind & body wouldn’t settle.

As the date for the surgery gets closer, the more I feel a combination of excitement & nerves.  I will know what time I have to arrive at the hospital, & when to stop eating the night before when the hospital phones me sometime between 4-7pm on Wednesday.  So it is definitely getting real now.  Only a few more days to go until everything changes forever.

i weighed in at home today, wearing what I have always worn when I weigh in.  My jammies.  This means there is a difference between what my scales say & what the surgeon or clinic says due to what I am wearing there.  So, I had a good loss today.  I lost 1.1kg today & my weight at home today is now 135.3kg, for a total loss of 10.4kg.  Still a couple more days to go in the pre op process.  I will be weighed again at the hospital before my surgery.

Report more tomorrow.

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