What’s That Yellow Thing in the Sky?

Well, I weighed myself this morning.  I haven’t really weighed myself for a few weeks.  I am currently 131.3kg.  That’s a loss of 14.4kg since I started the pre op diet at the start of October.  The best bit is that my BMI is now 49.9…. I’m under 50 for my BMI! I’m seeing the GP on Monday, so I am hopeful that my blood pressure has remained down & I won’t need to restart my blood pressure medication.

As I mentioned last time, I have been having some pain on my right side in my stomach.  Well, yesterday was one of the worst days for this pain.  I had my groceries delivered in the morning.  I had to put them away, which went reasonably well.  I also needed to cut up the fresh chicken breasts for Hamish’s food, & put it into a container so I can weigh it out for him as he is fed.  From previous experience, I know that this action can irritate this pain.  So here I am, cutting up chicken breast & Hamish is around my feet, constantly meowing because he hasn’t been fed yet.  Mind you, Hamish always wants to be fed.  He is on a restricted diet.  Despite the smal amounts of food, he’s still going to be a big boy.  Hamish kept trying to jump up onto the counter where I was cutting up his food.  I would have to try to keep him down, at the same time as I was cutting his food.  At one point, he managed to get right up onto the bench, not just hanging onto the edge by his claws.  He didn’t get near the chicken though.  Well, by the time I had finished cutting up the chicken & fighting him off, my stomach felt like it was on fire.  I needed t feed Hamish, but my stomach was hurting so much that no matter how slowly I tried to reach his bowl on the floor, I couldn’t get to it.  There was no way I could reach it.  This meant that I couldn’t put the bowl on the scales to weigh out his food.  So I had to just guess the right amount of food & then drop it into his bowl from a standing position.  Just one small problem…..  Hamish could smell the chicken in my hand & I had to try to get him out of the way so I could get the food in the bowl, & not all over the floor.  I went back to bed for a while after that.  I had to be careful how I got into the bed because of the pain.

Later that day I had been cooking my dinner, but I don’t know what I did to agravate my stomach.  The food was prepreared, all I had to do was actually cook it.  Whatever it was, it was very painful.  In fact, it was so painful I couldn’t get through the pain to sit down to eat my meal.  The pain was so bad that I had to take one of my strong pain killers.  I try not to take them if I can avoid it.  Or if I do need to take it I take it later at night so I can sleep with little or no pain.  Well, this was before 6pm.  Even so, it took me nearly 20 minutes before the oain had subsided enough where I could get into a seated position.  Not fun.  I just wish this would stop.

Other than this pain, the food side of things is going well.  I am learning what I can & cannot eat & how much of it, & how fast.  The answer to that last one is…. Not very.  I was at a meeting on Monday night, & many of us have dinner while we are at the meeting.  I chose something I thought was reasonably soft & mushy on the menu.  It was a 3 Mushroom Ravioli.  I ate about 4 ravioli during the meeting.  That was all I could accommodate.  I ate them slowly & thought I chewed them well.  I had some pain, which told me to slow down.  I just breathed through the pain & it subsided.  This has been the only real time there has been an issue with food.  Unfortunately, they never came to clear the table before we left, so I was unable to ask to take the rest of the meal home.  What a waste.

Well, I am pleased that my weight is finally dropping.  That’s good.  I’ve lost nearly 4kg since the surgery, in just over 3 weeks.  So, I have another 30.3kg to my surgeon’s goal weight on 100kg.  There is about 70kg to my ultimate dream goal.  Although, if I can get to somewhere around 75kg I may reassess my ultimate goal. I just would like to get to a BMI which puts me in the Normal range, or at least in the Overweight range,  rather than my current status of Super Morbidly Obese.  But so far, I have reduced my BMI from over 54 to just under 50.  It’s a start.  More work to go.  Now if we can get this pain in my stomach under control, I will be able to do more exercise & work the weight off faster.

More again lster.

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