Day Thirteen

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime in this process.  My weight went up today.  Not by a lot. Just 300gm to 153.7kg for a total loss of 10kg.  Not sure why this has happened.  It’s not like I am actually eating anything. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Just one more day of this part of the process to go.

I started to look at hotels for my stay in Salt Lake next year.  I think I may have found one.  It’s a little bit further away from Temple Square than I would have liked.  A little over a mile.  But it has a guest laundromat, sio I will be able to wash my clothes before I fly home.  That will mean less to do when I arrive home & less dirty clothes for Customs to search through (should they decide to have a look).

By the time I get to Salt Lake walking over a mile, even in heels, should be doable for me.  Once the surgery is done & I get the clearance from my surgeon, I will be able to not only lose weight, but improve my health & fitness levels.

The closer the surgery comes, the emotions are all confused.  Excited, nervous, a little frightened.  Only one more day on the pre op diet to go.  Hamish goes on his holiday tomorrow.  I have had to put his dry food inside a container because no matter how heavy an object I would put in top of the closed & folded bag, he would somehow get the bag on the floor.  I didn’t find dry food all over the floor, so I’m not certain he actually get into the food.  He’s on a very strict diet & I can’t afford for him to over eat.  His stomach doesn’t cope with too much food at one time.  He will never be a ‘grazer’.  Instead, he will always be fed specific amounts throughout the day.  It’s a little bit of a pain, & he always wants to be fed, but he is growing.  He’s sitting on the recliner with me. Sitting on the arm against me.  Will miss him while he’s on his holiday.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Sending Hamish away, packing for hospital, last minute shopping & cleaning.  I will know tomorrow afternoon what time I need to arrive at the hospital & surgery will be about an hour & half later,  It’s getting closer.

More to report tomorrow.

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