Day Four

Even though it is still early now, I have been up since 3am.  Why? It is the first weekend in October & my Church has its Semi Annual Conference in Salt Lake City.  So I got up early in order to watch the Saturday Morning session.  Had problems with the internet this morning, so I missed almost 30 minutes of the session before I could get it to work.  It was really good.  Talking about how to be ‘in the world, but not of the world’.  How better to get a balance in your life.

Currently watching the Saturday Afternoon session.  We had three new Apostles called into the Quorum of the Twelve today.  There had been three deaths within the Quorum since the April Conference.  The last time we called three Apostles at once was in 1906!  They are the 98th, 99th & 100th Apostles of this dispensation.  It is a wonderful thing to see how God’s Church operates, simply & without rancour.  It is from the Quorum & the two Councillors to the President that the Prophet (President) is called following the death of the Prophet.  It is always the most senior Apostle who is called to the position.  When I say ‘senior’, I don’t necessarily mean the oldest.  Seniority is determined by the order in which they are ordained to the position of Apostle.  If more than one man is called on the same day (like today), then the order in which the ordination takes place will determine their seniority.  When the current Prophet dies, there willbe no politicing.  No voting.  There will just be a meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve, with the two councillors taking their places according to their seniority, they will pray about it & will sustain the most senior among them to the position.  He will then choose his two councillors. If someone wants to become Prophet, they would have to outlive everyone who is more seniorto them.  So unless they kill people, which would disqualify them for the position, they will only attain thenposition if God wants them to do so.

Well, I didn’t get out of the house yesterday.  Instead, I ordered the things I needed online to be delivered instead.  I weighed myself this morning.  142.2kg today.  That’s 3.5kg gone.  I think at this stage it is good that I didn’t go to the supermarket.  It was bad enough on Friday as I came home from the surgeon, to pass the cafė at the end of my street on the way home from the bus stop.  I was thinking…. I really would love a nice hot chocolate now.  But I didn’t stop. I kept walking back to the house without stopping.  The smell as I passed was terribly tempting, but I resisted.

Have to take Hamish for his checkup today.  Things are improving.  Except he managed to get poop stuck on his fur last night & managed to get it on things where poop should not be.  If you think I was not happy about it, you are right.  I saw a post from a Ragdoll breeder that I follow on Facebook today.  One of her clients has to relinquish her two male Ragdolls, Han Solo (his twin died soon after birth which left him as the only kitten in his litter) & Chewbaka because she is not permitted to keep them any longer.  If I was working & had a car, I would take them in a heartbeat to add to Hamish.  But I don’t, so I can’t.

More tomorrow.  Still not struggling with the Optifast.  Not bored with it yet, but I expect I will be the closer it gets to the surgery date.

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