Week 2 Done!

Well,  I have successfully completed week 2 of my new diet.  I haven’t really struggled with the foods.  I have been planning what I will eat and I play around with the serving sizes so I can make sure I don’t go over my calorie allowance each day.  I try to get within 100 calories of the target.  They say you can be within 200 calories, but I don’t want to under eat too much, so I say 100 calories is far enough away from the target.

Now for the report.  In two weeks I have now lost a total of 5.4kg!  That’s the first of my 5kg mini goals gone.  There are a lot more to go until I get to goal weight, but I am very proud that I have managed to get the first one out of the way so quickly.  I know that the weight loss will slow down as I go along, and I know that there will be plateaus along the way as well.  But this good kick start is a great encouragement to keep going and really do it this time.

I am planning to go to the gym (which I have been paying for all this time, but haven’t attended in well over a year) tomorrow.  It’s the Australia Day public holiday, so I can go a little later in the day than I plan to do during the working week.  The gym opens about 10am tomorrow.  I will go for a swim there. 

Because I haven’t been for so long, they will probably want to arrange what is called an ignition session to get me back into a program of some sort.  I will see if they can organise it for Friday, as this coming Friday is my normal rostered day off (RDO).  I will then be able to come in during the day to do this and maybe stay a little longer to do the things they are setting up for me. 

Once I have a program, I will try to get to the gym two or three times a week.  At least once for a swim and at least once for the program.  The third (hopefully) visit I might alternate between a second swim or the program. I do like my gym.  They are a friendly people and the gym isn’t all about the ‘beautiful people’ posing in front of the mirrors.  The ethos of the gym I belong to is to get people fit and healthy and for them to have fun and enjoy themselves while they do it.  The name of my gym is Virgin Active.  I belong to the one in the city, it’s only a couple of blocks away from my office, so I should be able to get there either very early in the morning before work (it opens at 5:30am during the week) or straight after work in the afternoons.  Plus I can go on Saturdays and Public Holidays.  It isn’t far from my bus service to come home and it only takes one bus to do it.  Some other gyms I investigated that also had a pool would require lots of changes of transport to get there or back.  Something to make it a bit difficult and less incentive to go with that sort of thing.  I do miss having a car at times.  Sigh.

I have to also increase my consumption of fruit and vegetables in my diet.  So with my grocery shop this week, I have done that.  Now to consume it.

So, I promised that I would be accountable and report on here each week – even if no one bothers to read it.  So I have done that this week.  I have to go.  I am meeting someone for the Chinese New Year’s markets near Central Station.  See you all next week.


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