Mystery Solved

It’s been a while since I posted.  I think the last time I posted, I had been on the receiving end of a lightning strike which destroyed my TV and digital recorder.  Well, I have replaced them both.  I took the opportunity to upgrade my TV to full HD as well as 3D.  It came with 4pairs of passive 3D glasses.  This means I don’t need to charge them up with batteries, they don’t cause problems because of flickering like the active type glasses.  I even have an app on my ipad to run the TV if I prefer to use that rather than picking up the remote all the time.

I finally managed to go amd see Mousetrap this week.  I have wanted to see this play for many years, but wasn’t sure I would ever get to London to see it.  So I was very happy to learn it was coming to Sydney. So I booked a ticket to go see it on my birthday back in July.  Unfortunately, I was very sick and the closer I got to the theatre, the worse I felt so I had to come home.  I was so disappointed.   It made me feel worse than I was already feeling because of my illness.  I was very happy to find that they were coming back to Sydney for a very short return season.  So I immediately booked a ticket to see it.  I managed to get there on Friday.  Can I just say…. The Sydney Theatre is nowhere near public transport unless you are going to a Friday or Saturday night performance.  And can I say…. do not believe the website which claims that is is a ‘brisk 15min walk from Circular Quay’.  It’s a lot further than that!  Up hill and down dale.  I was exhausted by the time I finally got home!  The play was fabulous.  I am so glad I finally got to see it.  I did not see the answer to the mystery coming.

I got sick again a while ago.  Bronchitis.  I had that really badly when I was young.  Unlike last year where I waitied to get better by itself until I could be heard coughing in the house next door during the night, this time I was off to the Dr much more quickly.  I ended up off work for a couple of weeks.  But the whole thing was over a lot more quickly than last year so it was much better that way.  The consequence is that I tend to go waaaaay off my diet when I get sick.  So I will wait for Christmas to be over (it’s only a couple of weeks away now) to get back on track.

I will have to really focus on my budget too in the new year.  I had to raid almost all my big US trip in 2016 money to replace the TV and recorder.  Yes I went through my insurance, but with the depreciation of the goods since I bought them, and the excess (what Americans call ‘deductible’) I only receieved $346 back.  A little over 1/5 of what I paid to replace the good.  Plus my insurance will go up next year because I lose part of my no claim bonus.  Sigh.  I will have to really tighten my belt and save extra for about 30 weeks to make up the money I took out.   Sigh.

To make things worse, I have to take the cat to the vet for a check up and to renew her medications (she has a thyroid condition), and then to top it all off…. one of the flippers on the washing machine agitator broke off!  Well, it is 18 years old, so I guess I shouldn’t really complain.  I have ordered a replacement agitator and according to what I have read, it is very easy to replace.  Will let you know about that….. I should have it by the end of the week and if it is as easy as they say, it should be all replaced by the next week.

I still haven’t started my cross stitching.  I am still tidying up around the house, and I need to get a chair to sit in while stitching.  I may go looking around over the holidays..  See how it goes.  I want to start stitching.  I have my wonderful frame.  I just want to use it!

Better go.  Have things to do.  Talk to you later.

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