Stormy Weather

Well, I have had a bit of ‘excitement’ over the weekend.  It was my day off on Friday and I was having a ‘nanna nap’ in the afternoon with the cat.  Suddenly I was awoken by a very loud and very close lightning strike, followed immediately by the thunder.  I was a bit frightened it was so close.  Then small hail stones started to fall.  I reached for my iPad in order to post on Facebook ‘We have hail’, only to find I had no internet.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  The hail was quite heavy, although only small in size.

I went out onto the front step of the house, under the car port, to watch the hail hit the water tank of the house next door.  When the hail turned into heavy rain I went back into the house.  That’s when I noticed that the light on the answering machine was off.  That explains why I had no internet.  I had no power!  I have safety switches on the electrical switchboard outside the house, clearly the lightning had tripped the switch and turned off my power.  I waited until the rain had eased off, then I went out and turned the power back on.  When I came inside, that is when the real fun started.

My Topfield 2400 PVR would not switch on at all.  Not with the remote, not by pressing the buttons on the device itself.  I had to reset my Pay TV box.  But even after I had done that, I still couldn’t see anything on the TV.  It took a while to work out that the problem may not be the Pay TV box, but with the TV.  It turns out all the audio visual ports (4 x AV, 2 x HDMI) are all dead.  We cannot see any of our devices on the TV at all.  The Pay TV box is lighting up, even looks like it is recording where it has been preset, but I can’t be sure at this stage.  The blu-ray player also lights up and if you put a disk into it, it says it is reading the disk.  Only problem is that because of the AV port problem, we can’t see it to be sure.

The TV also seems to have taken a bit of a hit as far as the tuner is concerned.  All the ABC channels are missing digitally, although I can get ABC1 on analogue.  I can’t get any of the Channel 10’s on digital, but a slightly fuzzy analogue.  I can’t get all the others clearly on their SD channels, and most of the HD versions are ok, as well as the analogue versions of them.  At first I thought it might have been a problem with the aerial, however the computer (which is at the back of the house) is connected to the same aerial and all the channels are fine on the computer.  So it looks like the tuner is damaged as well.

I have ordered a new TV to replace the damaged one.  I am having it delivered on Saturday.  It’s a bigger size than the current one, plus it is Full HD (the current one is not) as well as 3D.  I had always planned to upgrade my TV, but just not yet.  I have already had delivered a replacement Topfield from IceTV. It’s a bigger unit compared to my fried one.  I found the original receipts for the TV and PVR and a repair company came to the house this afternoon to take them both away for assessment.  My insurance wants a written report as to if they can be repaired or if they are to be scrapped.  I am hoping they will be scrapped, which will mean I will be reimbursed almost all the money I have paid to replace them.  Mind you, the replacements have cost me less than what I originally paid for the TV and PVR.

Although I am a conservative when it comes to religious matters, I am more left wing when it comes to politics.  I have found recently that people who I regarded as friends who are also religiously aligned with me, but who are nore right-wing politically are not able to handle it when we have a political discussion and I oppose their views.  Especially when I use facts to support my position.  Two of them have de-friended me on Facebook in the past week.  Both of them with out even telling me they were going to do it.  Cowards!  Guess they can’t stand a robust discussion then.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all.  My new stitching frame and stand arrived last week from Needle Needs in the UK.  It was easy to put it all together, once I had worked out what went where.  The feel of the frame and stand are wonderful.  The quality of the workmanship is first rate.  It feels wonderful to hold.  I still need to work on finishing tidying up the house and organising my threads and stitching supplies and then I can get started.  Because I have had to replace the TV and PVR at this time, I have had to raid my savings which were for my big trip to the US in 2016.  Will have to up my savings in order to make up the money (if they are not scrapped under the insurance).  That will stop me going out or spending too much money for a while.  More time for stitching, I guess.

It isn’t a great photo, but here is the frame sitting on the matching stand.

Well, I will post again when the new TV has arrived and I have it all hooked up.  Hope everything else is working.  Talk to you all soon.

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