Sorry for the Delay

I know.  I haven’t been here for over a week.  Bad Aussie Ragdoll!

I guess I should start with a report on my diet progress.  I have lost some more weight, but I did have a blow out over the weekend.  I do love my Perky Nanas though.  I have been trying to be better this week.  Still not perfect, but a bit better than before I started the whole journey.  I still have a long way to go.  I do record my food intake in My Fitness Pal.  It’s a free app you can download for iPhone and use on iPad.  You can also use the online version.

I have heard that if you have the Body Media device, you can now sync the data from that device with your My Fitness Pal data.  I do have one, but I ceased my subscription to the device.  I do have a Polar F7 monitor and watch.  When I finally get to go to the gym for a swim I will be able to wear it for the walk to the bus as well for the swim itself.  The Polar F7 is water resistant and can be worn in the pool.  The Body Media device is not water resistant, so if you are using swimming as your primary method of exercise (because of weight and injury issues, for example) you cannot use it to monitor your calorie expenditure during that exercise.  I wish My Fitness Pal was able to import data from different devices, like the Polar series.

I found today that I can’t always trust people.  Let’s just leave it at that.  I will say that I am very disappointed that they couldn’t come to me first.

The house hasn’t progressed any further yet.  Still a very big work in progress.  The new stitching frame still hasn’t left the UK.  If it hasn’t left by Monday, I think I will need to phone them to see what is happening with it.  Everything I ordered was in stock when I ordered it, so I don’t quite understand why the delay in shipping them.  Sigh.  I guess this is supposed to teach me patience.

Talk again later.

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  1. Bianca on


    Interesting way how I found your blog. You see I have several orders outstanding with Needle Needs as well AND I started working on one of the Disney Series by Kinkaide about five months ago. Peter Pan that is – also purchased three other ones as all the kids (3 daughters and a husband) picked one for me to cross stitch.

    What a coincidence… problem is I am not much of a writer, don’t have a clue what to say. I mean how interesting am I? Not much to tell I guess, but your blog has peeked my interest.

    I am Dutch and live in California. Spent about 1 1/2 years in Australia about 15 years ago – it is my favorite country in the world and I would have loved to have settled down there, but it was not meant to be. Where are you at?

    Cross stitching is my obsession – I picked it up again about six months ago with Peter Pan (which is great, except I hate the floss and fabric that comes with it – but could be I received a fluke version) and now have two WIP and will start my next rotate soon to make that three.

    Am not very fast, only stitch about 200 stitches a night, but it keeps me from screaming. 🙂 I own a translation agency and work way too hard and it is lonely, really lonely and well…life is tough. Am 39 and it is all quite different than I expected. I have all I could ever want, but oddly enough it is not all that satisfying. Until I get to cross stitch and I listen to audio books and am in my own little world. Then I am happy and I live for that moment every day.

    Have you been cross stitching long? Did you finally get your Millennium Frame? I do have mine and LOVE them, but I ordered more side stretchers and their light/magnifier and some more bars and those am waiting for. Just sent them a message asking when it will go out as two orders are over a month old.

    They are lovely people and it seems they are simply overwhelmed – they just had two needle shows and I think demand is simply higher than supply. Wonderful luxury problem and I hope they will hire some more staff.

    Did you start cross stitching yet?

    I have never responded to a blog – is this okay? Or do you just write and I read? Not sure if a blog is an interaction or a sole existence. Let me know. 🙂

    Understand you used to be a sign language interpreter – what do you do now?


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